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We specialize in providing cutting-edge technology solutions that help businesses and organizations monitor and manage their energy usage more efficiently and effectively.

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Powered by IoT, Backed byExperience.

  • Our team of experts is dedicated to providing innovative and customized solutions that help our clients optimize their energy usage and reduce costs.
  • We leverage the latest technologies, including IoT and AI, to provide real-time data and predictive analytics that enable smarter energy management.
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Service We Provide

IoT and AMC Services


IoT for real-time monitoring; AMC for regular maintenance, optimal performance..

  • IoT-enabled monitoring solutions for diesel generators
  • Energy auditing and consulting services
  • Predictive maintenance services
  • AMC & Allied Services



Expert advice for optimizing energy use and reducing operational costs.

  • Energy auditing and consulting services
  • Energy optimization and cost savings
  • Sustainable energy solutions

Sustainable Energy Solutions


Providing efficient, eco-friendly energy options for a sustainable future.

  • Retro Fit Control Devices
  • Dual Fuel Kits
  • Lithium-ion battery generators
  • Customized energy management solutions

Focused on Decarbonisation, Carbon Footprint for your organisation or evaluation Sustainable Alternatives ?

Our Team

Our Team

Manish Kapoor
Founder and MD

Manish Kapoor

Puneet Pruthi
Head Of Operation

Puneet Pruthi

Usha Rizvi
Senior Manager HR

Usha Rizvi

Reliable Energy Solutions for Banks, FMCG, and Government
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